• Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh (HRPB)

Reception to HRPB president at officers club on 03.12.15 for achieving Poribesh Podok- 2015

HRPB members gave representation to Embassy to safe water floating people

HRPB Award 2015 given to Valerie Taylor on 28.11.15 at SCBA

Reception to HRPB president at Scotland

Reception to Adv Manzill Murshid by resident of Northhampton, UK

Reception by Speaker of Towerhamlets to Adv Manzill Murshid

Manzill Murshid in a ameeting organized by Jalalabad Parishad UK

HRPB UK committee gave reception to Manzill Murshid at London on 18.10.15

HRPB Swindon committee gave reception to Manzill Murshid for obtaining Poribesh Award 2015

HRPB president Manzill Murshid attend a reception at Miltonkeynes, UK

HRPB president is giving free legal consultation at London HRPB office

Seminar held on 16.05.2015 at SCBA on Role of Bar and Bench to ensure Rule Of Law

HRPB conference at SCBA on 16.05.15 participated by district representatives

Picture Poribesh podok 2015 date 12.07.15

Congratulation to Manzill Murshid for Poribesh award

Chief Justice S.K.Sinha with HRPB team on 18.01.15

Birthday of Shomokal attending by HRPB president

Justice Syed Mahbub Morshed Award 16.01.15

HRPB gave representation to DC and SP for effective steps of administration in case of 7 murder at Narayangonj

HRPB Liverpool Committee meeting held on 24.08.14

HRPB organized a meeting at Pabna Bar hall Room on 12.08.14

HRPB President at a Talkshow in London

HRPB President is present as Chief Guest in a meeting organized by Suchitra Sen Srimity Sangsad on 12.08.14

HRPB President is present at meeting at London on 21.08.14