• Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh (HRPB)

Seminar on Role of Lawyers in establishing Human Rights at Kurigram

Seminer on Victim Compensation Rights, held on 25.09.2005

Seminar on Road Accident, held on 08.11.2008

Seminar on Prevailing Human Rights Condition in Bangladesh and Legal Perespective, held on 09.12.2006

Seminar on Judicial Reform and Independance of the Judiciary, held on 11.08.2007

Seminar on “Nomination of corrupt people is main impediment in establishing democracy? held on 25.11.2006

Seminar on 02.10.2005 in Jhalakhathi District Lawyers Associasion

Press Conference by HRPB on 06.01.2005

Press Conference By HRPB on 11.08.2005

Meeting of the Executive Commity of HRPB

Meeting at Khulna District Bar Association

Meeting at Dhaka Metro Bar Association on 25.08.2005

HRPB team visiting at Kishor Kumar House in Jessore

HRPB protesting against attack upon Judiciary

Election Observer in Khulna City Corporation Election