• Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh (HRPB)

Introduction: HRPB

The main object of Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh (HRPB) is to establish of Human Rights of the Citizen of Bangladesh.This organization is providing legal aid to the poor people. It will secure the operation of the legal system, and promotes access to Justice. It helps to develop the institutional facilities necessary for strengthening constitutional Governance, democracy, peace and rule of law for implementation of Human Rights. This organization is promoting study and research in order to work out a comprehensive strategy for implementation of Human Rights. This organization is giving legal aid through Human Rights protection units in the different Bar Associations as well as in different localities of the country. This organization is working for "How the Human Rights can be established in our country”. This organization is trying to promote an understanding and belief in the protection of human rights and in furtherance thereof to promote international understanding and co-operation in an universal respect for the observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, religion and color. This organization specially takes up necessary steps in case of violation of Human Rights by state organ.
A man is born free.However, after his birth he has to establish or assert his own rights for his survival. This survival of human being against all odds of nature has led human being to make efforts to protect their human rights. Rights of human being are of many kinds, namely; his personal rights, legal rights, economical rights, social rights, political rights. All these rights are defined in different ways. Rights of different kinds as stated above relate to mankind and its civilization.Although such rights are inherent rights of a human being, yet why there is crying in the whole world to protect human rights?. If a man wants to protect his own right, why he will forget to protect the same for others. If everybody understands in the similar way, then it appears that such a cry to protect human rights would not have arisen in the world society. Throughout the world some groups are crying to protect their own rights but at the same time they are talking away other’s right for their own interest. Everybody will have the same and similar rights, because all human being are born with equal to live in this world.

HRPB President Message

We should not forget that the lawyers are working as court officer and they have some liabilities, responsibilities and must be followed the conduct rules for lawyers. Now a days some learned lawyers have forgotten the ethics, normal conduct, and behavior. Not only that there are some lawyers who are misleading the court and filling the cases in which some forced and false documents are detecting. Due to such kinds of unusual work of few lawyers we are facing difficulties. We should very much careful about the conducts and ethics otherwise we may lost our dignity, status and respect in the society.
Now it is open secrete that the corrupt practices exit in somewhere in the judicial system. Neither we should react nor do we ignore about the information. In other way we the lawyers cannot avoid the responsibility of the corruption of judicial system. So we should careful and try to find out the way to stop corruption in the judicial system, because it is highly related with our practices and status. We should remember that we the lawyers are the part of the judiciary and have a role to establish effective judiciary. If we can establish an effective and honest judiciary in which rule of law will be ensured in that case our dignity will be increased.